Heart wrenching true stories bring a tear or two in our eyes. One starts to question why should we be men? Why did we even get born? Are we worse off than even animals who have a ministry, who have rights? It is hard to understand, why a woman who should symbolise love, care, affection and sacrifice should turn so nasty, vindictive and stone hearted. The biggest reason that comes to mind is money. Money has indeed corrupted our minds and maybe even our souls.

The true stories are of some people that are know personally to the group, others are who have come forward and informed us for the purposes of this website. If you have been faced with such difficulties, please feel free to write to us. We would be happy to share your sorrows. Everyone says a child has been reunited with his mother, but nobody says that a child has been rendered fatherless.

Sudeep Sarkar

This is a true story of Mr Sudeep Sarkar (name changed). Mr Sudeep Sarkar was working as a Textile Engineer when he was faced with difficulties due to false allegations by his wife. Mr Sarkar got married in July 2002 in Sarita Vihar, New Delhi. Mr Sarkar had borne all expenses of his marriage. After a year of his marriage his wife became pregnant and went to Kolkata. His mother in law called him and informed him that his wife had a miscarriage. When his wife returned, her parents asked Mr Sarkar to give divorce to their daughter. The reasons stated by the girl’s father was ‘status and standard of Mr Sarkar and that she cannot live in such conditions’. Actually Mr Sarkar’s father in law often used to seek money from him. Sometimes he could fulfil his father-in-laws demands, at other times he could not.

Gradually he started to struggle to comply with his father-in-laws’ demands. One day when he was at office, his father-in-law registered a false 498a on him and took his wife to Kolkata. Mr Sarkar showed his papers at the local police station and managed to convince his innocence in the matter. His wife later came back from Kolkata and they starting living happily. His wife again became pregnant, and her parents came from Kolkata to visit them. They asked Mr Sarkar to abort the child, questioning him on his financial capabilities to bring up a child. Mr Sarkar clearly declined their suggestions and informed them that he wanted to father the child. On one occasion he went to Kolkata due to work and on returning to his residence in Delhi, he found that his wife had left to Kolkata, there were items missing from his house and the almirah was also left open. He later received a call from his mother-in-law threatening him that his child will be aborted, unless he paid up 2 lakh rupees. He went to lodge a complaint in the local police station only to be informed that he had again been falsely charged with Section 498a of the Indian Penal Code. He had a very rough time at the police station but after 2 days, he managed to show evidence of his innocence.

He then fought hard to get information of his child and contacted every possible agency about the existence of his unborn baby. After months of hardwork and diligently writing to people including the President of India, he was informed that his child (son) was safe. The court gave permission for child visitation, but rights at that time, he was slapped with a charge of Domestic Violence which he had not committed. Mr Sarkar aptly says “Everyone says a child has been reunited with his mother, but nobody says that a child has been rendered fatherless”. Such true words, an angle which only a father who has been separated from his son can see. Considering his own hardships, he has vowed never to get married to a woman who has ever filed such a false case against anybody. He has also vowed to help others who have fallen trap to such vicious women and families. He is now a leader to an activist group and if often seen on television fighting hard for the rights of men, husbands and fathers. He is often seen on the lawns of Patiala Court, New Delhi in the evenings helping and giving a shoulder to those who have faced similar difficulties.

Arjun - I feel I have failed my parents

Arjun, a hardworking employee in a BPO lost his job due to false allegations of dowry harassment. He had to spend 51 days in jail before he was given bail. To add to his difficulties, his father also had to spend 5 days in jail for absolutely no fault his or his father. In a recent interview on the IBN live, he informed the audience that he comes from an Army background and originally hails from Pathankot, Punjab. At the time of his marriage, awareness about such misuse of laws was not present. Secondary to a false complaint by his then wife, his father suffered a heart attack. His mother started feeling emotionally unstable secondary all this stress. They struggled to get beyond these difficulties of false allegations, being jailed for no fault, the social stigma arrests carry for middle-class families. Arjun adds “I have to think about them as well”. Like any caring son, a tear rolls down his eyes when he talks about his mothers’ sufferings due to these false allegations. The sense of guilt is palpable in the air, not because he has done anything wrong, but because his mother has been wronged due to a false police complaint by his then wife. He goes further to say “I feel I have failed my parents”. His father, a colonel in the army, an elderly gentleman wishes him the very best for his health and for fighting his case against all odds. Truly inspiring.

Mr Das - See if you can help others

Mr Das was happily married for 7 years. His then wife went to Kolkata in 2004 after the birth of their son. After going to Kolkata she did not come back. Initially she threatened Mr Das and then later made a complaint against him that he did not love after the child birth. Since then he has met his son only once. She had not only made allegations against Mr Das but had also dragged the names of his family members. This was clearly disturbing to his father. They lived in fear of being arrested anytime. While on the show on IBN Live, his father encourages Mr Das not to give up and continue to fight for justice and help others who may be in a similar or worse position than him. He says “See if you can help others who are suffering like you”. Like any loving father, Mr Das misses his son. Since applying for custody of his son in 2006, he managed to meet his son on only one occasion. Mr Das can be seen walking on the lawns of Patiala Court, New Delhi on Saturday evenings, giving support to others. To forgot his own pain and sufferings, he is now immersing himself in the service of others and helping those who have also been wronged by the law and such unscrupulous wives.

Mr Sunil Kumaran

A 92 years old gentleman passes away while still named wrongly accused This is another heart wrenching story of a Non Resident Indian in UK. He is a British Citizen and hails from Kerela, India. Mr Sunil Kumaran (name changed) got married as per arranged marriage in 2000 in Kerala, India and his wife a computing graduate, Ms Gita (name changed). After the marriage the parties resided in England. On the 26th March 2005, Gita submitted allegations of intimidation, dowry harassment and matrimonial cruelty against Mr Kumaran and his family specifically senior, elderly and infirm relatives. The criminal allegations were submitted before the Kerala police. Due to the serious nature of criminal allegations submitted by Gita under Section 498A IPC, Mr Kumaran’s family was detained in Judicial Custody. After the registration of the criminal case in Kerala, Gita submitted a divorce petition to the British Court and in May 2006 divorced Mr Kumaran.

After a long and hardfought battle spanning over 6 years, Mr Kumaran and his family were freed of all criminal offences. However the saddest part is that an Elderly gentleman, aged 92 years old, passed away while he was still named accused in the malicious prosecution. After a detailed investigation by the courts it was found that no offences as alleged by Gita had taken place. The Director General of Police, Kerela confirmed to Mr Kumaran that he and his family were falsely implicated under Section 498a of the Indian Penal Code. Gita has now remarried. We dont know if she is attempting to harass her current husband with such false cases. It is very sad that such people get away with lodging false complaints in police stations knowing very well that the husband and his family will have to suffer for a long period for absolutely no fault of theirs.

Fortunately the Judiciary is realising that such misuse of laws is getting more and more rampant and is taking a stricter view on such women. The Honourable Supreme Court of India has labelled such misuse of law as ‘Legal Terrorism’ and has asked the Indian Government to amend these laws in 2005. There are still no provisions in the Indian Law by which such women who file false cases could be penalised.

Sunil - This law is against humanity

Sunil (name changed) now feel very bitter towards his wife because his father died secondary to her allegations of dowry harassment. Sunil was married for 2 and a half years before a complaint destroyed his life completely. He used to work in Merchant Navy prior to him being dragged into the 498a case. 9 of his family members were also dragged into the complaint. These included 2 of his sisters, Uncle, Aunt, his Father and mother. He also lost his job at Merchant Navy. After the trauma he has thought long and hard. In hindsight he draws parallels between the intentions of his spouse to those of a terrorist, their wishes to thrive on fear of others, the intentions of gaining from others on the basis of that fear. Sunil cannot fathom why his then wife did this to him and his family. The only reason that he can think of is that the case was lodged against him to gain as much money as possible out of him since he was working in Merchant Navy.

After his fathers’ death, they struggled to get even an adequate duration of bail to come out of the shock of losing a loved one, the head of the family. His mother was ill treated in the police station after their loss and he acknowledges his guilt for being an indirect reason for her sufferings. Sunil goes on to add “This law is against humanity”. He once went to meet his 6 year old son. At that time, police were called against him due to such malpractices and possibilities of misuse of such gender biased law. He calls upon the conscience of the judiciary, politicians and asks them on national television to scrap this law completely. Finally he prays for everyone “Hope miseries end soon. So that I can fulfil the dreams people had seen for me”.

Munish Dalal- Nine years of my life were ruined

This is yet another story of a victim Munish Dalal, a resident of Delhi. The difference between his true story and that of others is that his story came to light much before and to a larger extent than of others because of media. In 2003, when Munish went to marry Nisha Sharma, she declined to get married to him and made allegations that he had asked for 12 lakhs and a Maruti Esteem car as dowry. Nisha’s father then lodged a dowry case complaint against Munish, his mother and his Aunt in the local Noida Police station. It took 9 years for the court to come to the decision to free Munish and his family of the charges. At that time Nisha had become a household name. Her photographs could be seen in newspapers, various organisations were queuing to get a glimpse of her and she was even named the ‘Iron Lady’ a name given by a Soviet Journalist to Margaret Thatcher, the erstwhile Prime Minister of UK. Her story was also published in the NCERT books for Class VI students in India at that time.

Because of the ordeal Munish lost his job, his social standing, and lost precious years of his life. He also spent 2 months in jail simply because of these allegations. According to a recent Times of India article Munish Dalal said the court had vindicated his position. "Nine years of my life were ruined and there is nothing that can make up for it and the amount of suffering that my family and I faced as a result of this. I was a government employee and just a month shy of completing my probation, but after these allegations my whole life and career were ruined."