We are working hard to raise the issues in the mainstream media via holding protests and meetings. The purpose of our peaceful protests have been to express our disappointment with the Indian Government at supporting proposed bills like the IrBM-Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage Bill and SHBW-Sexual Harassment Bill at Work place. You may also wish to know about the rampant Human rights violations taking place in India by misuse of certain laws such as Section 498a under the Indian Penal Code. Even the Supreme Court of India has classed this piece of legislation as ‘Legal Terrorism’ which has been unleashed upon innocent Indians living in India and Abroad.

19th Oct 2013

Marital Justice conducted its first ever International Indian Mens Rights conference in Greenwich, London on 19th October 2013. Those attending the conference had the privilege to gain knowledge and share experiences from various Mens Rights activists from within UK and across the world. Marital Justice intends to conduct its 2nd such International Indian Mens Rights conference in 2014. You can watch the proceedings of the conference on our Youtube channel.

If you would like to attend any future events, please follow us on Marital Justice facebook page for updates. Alternatively you may wish to contact any of the Marital Justice members from the contacts section.

13th April 2013

We met as a group and conducted a candle light march in Southall, London. We did the march to show support to other similar marches in India against two recent suicides committed by harassed husbands due to misuse of dowry laws and other gender biased laws in India. These two came to media attention, but there are hundreds that go un-noticed. Our march was peaceful and we had sought police permission before hand.

26th January 2013

A peaceful protest was organized at Trafalgar Square in London. The protest was also to show solidarity to the protests that are taking place all across the world on the same day to protest Indian Government's apathy towards its own citizens.

18th August 2012

We as a group participated in a peaceful static protest outside the Indian High Commission in London on 18th August 2012 between 11AM and 3PM. You can see the videos of the event here and here.

These have been symbolic events and the group carried banners, written with slogans. The Dharna organisers would like to thank those made these dharnas and protests possible and to those who took time out and attended them making these a grand Success.

Our meetings and marches have been welcomed by the masses. We have received immense support from people especially those of Indian background. Interestingly it is not only men, women have also shown interest in our awareness campaigns since women also suffer as mother-in-laws, sisters and daughters when their loved ones are trapped due to these laws.

Petition to UK government

An online e-petition has also been created by the group to express its concerns and to seek UK government's help in the matter. The group is happy to discuss with High Commission, the grievances and concerns regarding the misuse of Section 498A, IrBM, police brutality, breach of human rights, travel embargoes, jurisdictional matters and protection of woman & children including elderly parents against domestic violence act.