This website aims to help the needy who are residing in UK and are trapped by unconstitutional and autocratic laws of India. The concept of Marital Justice came into existence because of rampant misuse of laws in India by some people. Because of such misuse of laws, Human Rights Violations are happening in every nook and corner of the country.

We are a group of professionals from various backgrounds - doctors, engineers, IT professionals and media. All of us are residents of UK and have been affected either directly or indirectly by the misuse of laws and human rights violations in India. These are the laws that were once created to help the needy but now have become weapons of family destruction, husband harassment and for 'Legal Extortion' of money. Some such laws are 498a (commonly known as dowry law), Domestic violence law and other maintenance laws. Due to continued misuse of gender biased laws in India, more and more NRIs are joining us from all walks of life, all ages, professional and educational backgrounds and all religions.We have also contacted the UK government and are in the process of getting formally registered as a charity.

Having been married to such scrupulous women and in their families, we were hit by the shock of our lives. Overnight, we were termed criminals, and feared facing jail, fines and losing our jobs. Some of us even contemplated ending our lives since we felt trapped in a system that does not consider rights of a husband, rights of a sister, or rights of a mother. One such NRI Syed Makhdoom ended his life after leaving Canada.

We hence decided to come together as a group and help those who are suffering in silence and sometimes are at the brink of losing everything they have cared for, including their life. We all have suffered to a smaller or larger extent. Our families have also suffered to various degrees for faults that were never committed. We have ended up losing our professional stability, financial stability, hundreds and thousands of hard earned money, peace of mind, social image, self esteem, and at times the will to live! At least one of us has fought his way for more than 6 years and has come out of the clutches of such abuse. We empathise with all those who are still stuck in the rotten system and feel disheartened. We encourage all those in such horrifying circumstances to come forward from the depths of darkness and see the light at the end of tunnel. We offer a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear and at times legal, moral and social support.

It is a shame that despite repeated concerns being raised by the Supreme Court of India such laws are not only existing, but they are flourishing under the Indian Government. One such recent example is the IrBM law which is in its final stages of being passed. Other laws that have recently come into existence include the Sexual Harassment Bill at Workplace. It is shocking to see that the Indian Government is continuing to draft and pass laws and bills that are not only gender biased, but are also gradually degrading the essence of Indian culture and family values